Workspace Analytics

Workspace analytics simplifies the management of digital workplaces for remote workers and helps IT to holistically monitor and proactively improve the employee end-user experience.

Lack of visibility into how IT resources and services perform in the real-world is a major concern for most IT departments and this issue has only been augmented in recent years by “as-a-service” models.  

FWP Global provide a service that monitors all factors that could impact the end-user experience and then analyses that data to provide an accurate view of the current environment.  What you end up with is actionable intelligence that you can use to enhance the productivity of your digital workplaces and improve the end-user experience for all employees.

Image from Lakeside Software showing their platform monitoring remote end-users.

Key Capabilities

Quantify User Experience

Our solution intelligently calculates an end-user score and provides you with the data you need to ensure that score is up to your standards.  We perform real-time and historical analysis of IT performance and usage data and can help IT departments diagnose and resolve IT resources impacting productivity.

Support for a Distributed Workforce

With today’s workforce more distributed than ever, businesses need to be able to offer workspaces that are full functional and supported no matter the employee’s location.  We offer specialised capabilities that proactively manage devices inside and outside the corporate network, allowing IT to rapidly deploy whatever applications or services are needed to support user productivity.

Increased Visibility and Lower Costs

Our solution allows you to understand the usage and performance of IT resources in real-time, including: CPU, disk and memory usage, alongside another 10,000+ data points.  These insights can be used by IT to lower costs, optimise operations, reduce time-to-resolution and measure the performance of roll-outs.

The Benefits of Workspace Analytics

We believe in empowering employees and business to achieve more and we do that by providing a solution that identifies the areas for improvement within the digital workspace and how to remediate them. Any factor that can affect the employee end-user experience needs to be dealt with to enhance the productivity of the workforce.

With a Workspace Analytics solution from FWP Global you’ll receive:

  • Increased visibility into your IT resource consumption to resolve issues impacting productivity.
  • Fully functional and supported digital workspaces regardless of the employee’s location.
  • Actionable intelligence you can leverage to reduce overheads and improve efficiency.

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