Advanced Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection is a core pillar of every business’s IT Security strategy as it is often the first line of defence after the network firewalls.

FWP Global provide industry-leading Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) through our partner, Comodo, one of the world’s leading providers of endpoint security.

Ransomware, Malware and other advanced persistent threats are some of the biggest risks to your business.  It’s not a case of IF you suffer a breach, it’s a case of WHEN – which is one of the main reasons why preventing these threats from taking hold in your network is crucial to your security posture.

Our solution combines cloud-delivered endpoint protection with a zero-trust model to deliver frictionless endpoint protection for every user.

Comodo's Dragon Enterprise Platform

Key Capabilities

Auto-Containment Technology

Unknown executables and other files that request runtime privileges are automatically run in Comodo’s patented virtual container that doesn’t have access to system resources or user data.  Users can immediately open files and run downloaded scripts and executables.

Fileless Malware Protection

Not all malware is made equal. Some malware types don’t need you to execute a file, it’s built-in the endpoint’s memory-based artifact such as RAM. AEP completely stops write access against this threat.

Cloud-Based Online Platform

Automatic signature updates that simplifies deployment across your entire environment to lower operational costs delivering reliable, centralized and fully scalable security solutions for today’s business

VirusScope Behavioural Analysis

Uses techniques such as API hooking, DLL injection prevention and more to identify indicators of compromise while keeping the endpoint safe and without affecting usability.

The Benefits of Advanced Endpoint Protection

FWP Global helps businesses protect against 100% of unknown threats without impacting productivity.  Once the Advanced Endpoint Protection solution is in place, it barely impacts the performance of the machine.

Based on Zero-Trust Network Architecture, AEP combines machine learning and human analysis to return a verdict within 45 seconds and protect endpoints from 100% of threats, without impacting user productivity.

With Advanced Endpoint Protection from FWP Global, you’ll receive:

  • Lightweight endpoint agents that don’t impact productivity.
  • Industry-Leading, Patented Auto-Containment Technology.
  • A Centralised, scalable platform lowers operational costs .
  • 24×7 Level 1 and 2 Support, with Level 3 available for escalation.