Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an integral part of any IT strategy because the two most valuable assets any company has are its employees and its data.  

A large number of industries require businesses to have a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy in place to maintain their compliance to industry regulations.

If your information gets leaked it is almost inevitable that your business will suffer financial loss, reputational damage or an increase in competition and, according to Safetica, “80% of businesses experience a security incident every year… the average cost of a data breach is $4 million.”

FWP Global work alongside Safetica Technologies to provide a cost-effective and easy to use DLP solution that prevents sensitive data from leaving your company and shines a light on how data is moving around your networks.

Image of the Safetica Technologies Data Loss Prevention platform

Key Capabilities

Secure Workspace Management

Our multi-platform solution delivers security wherever users and data interact.  We work with you to define your workspace perimeter using “zones” to categorise your external devices and corporate assets and ensure that all local and USB flash drives are encrypted to protect data at rest.

Protect Sensitive Data

Our all-in-one data loss prevention solution secures all critical data and maintains compliance with legal regulations.  Designed for business of all sizes, we provide a seamless experience through our centralised management system.

Easy to Deploy

Our solution secures critical company data.  You can benefit on day one by deploying a virtualized or cloud instance to assess any immediate risks or threats to your data and gain complete control and visibility into the dataflows of your cloud applications.

The Benefits of a Data Loss Prevention Solution

FWP Global helps businesses secure what matters most – their data.  Our solution provides powerful reports and instant security alerts, ensures legal and regulatory compliance and is designed to support a hybrid workforce. 

 With a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution from FWP Global, you’ll receive:

  • A Multi-platform solution that provides complete control, management and visibility of data flows.
  • Data protection for Email, Cloud, Hardware, Media, Mobile devices and more.
  • Protection for critical company assets with real-time, category-based alerts and notifications for added control over the data flow.

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