Next-Gen Edge OS & Endpoint Security

In a world where employees work everywhere, Next-Gen Edge OS and Endpoint Security are crucial to empowering staff to work productively, while allowing IT the visibility and control they require to secure the organisation.

Enabling secure remote work has been simplified by the rise of VDIs, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and cloud workspaces. As your business transitions fully to digital and cloud workspaces, you need a next-gen edge OS that’s purpose built for virtual environments.

FWP Global can secure your endpoints with IGEL OS, a next-gen edge OS that is compatible with any x86-64 device and any digital or cloud workspace.  Secure by design and simple to manage, IGEL OS revolutionises end-user computing by offering your IT team adaptive configurations, granular control and providing users a familiar and trouble free experience.

Diagram showing the architecture of the Igel Next-Gen Edge OS

Key Capabilities

Enterprise Level Security

Our hardware agnostic solution has built-in enterprise level security that gives teams confidence that the core OS on the endpoints has not been compromised.  We support two-factor authentication, trusted execution and smart card readers out-of-the-box and the Linux-based OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and very resistant to malware and other threats.

Easy Customisation and Modular Configuration

Add your own corporate branding, display corporate messaging or add additional functionality to the platform.  The IGEL OS is designed for customised cloud-based environments and it’s easy to make the endpoints perform exactly how you want without having to overhaul the backend infrastructure.

Easy to Manage Endpoints

IGEL OS can run on almost any x86-64 endpoint.  It’s a highly scalable solution, designed to significantly reduce the costs associated with endpoint management.  The Universal Management Suite enables a single system administrator to fully manage up to 300,00 endpoints with profile-based “drag and drop” endpoint configuration.

The Benefits of Next-Gen Edge Operating Systems

Remote work is here to stay and cyber security professionals will have to adapt to changing perimeters, new threats and a relentless enemy, while delivering a seamless end-user experience to enable productivity and minimise risk. 

With a Next-Gen Edge OS from FWP Global you will:

  • Implement a more secure, more manageable endpoint solution that sharply reduces operating costs
  • Optimise delivery of your virtual desktops and cloud workspaces to improve the end-user experience
  • Reduce CapEx hardware costs by extending equipment life by up to 60%

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